About Gabriel

Gabriel De Rose joined ESS in 2016 as an Intern in the ESS Performance Coaching and Mentorship program.  He showed promise and enthusiasm as a coach and was eventually hired as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach in 2017 to assist in the design and delivery of the ESS Athlete Development program under the direction of our Head of Strength and Conditioning.

Gabriel has a strong background in Soccer having played as a youth and also in a coaching capacity within a sports science focused role which enabled him to further develop his skills in athlete monitoring, video analysis and building and engaging relationships with aspiring athletes to help them achieve sporting success.

Combining the knowledge he gained through his Bachelor Degree in Exercise Sport Science, his continued study and research in Exercise Physiology concepts, Biomechanics and Motor Control, and the theoretical and practical application skills he gained within the ESS Performance Coaching Mentorship program, Gabriel is a dedicated and knowledgeable coach who is committed to ensuring his athletes and clients achieve results.